In our netshop you will find only one version pictured, most often a pendant. In this page, you will find samples which show how a brooche look like, tiebar, earrings...or versions in gold


Models pictured from aside or backside and show how the safety pin is mounted. It has a double lock and secure the model completely. A brooche is also a good option to use on a tie, instead of tie bar.


    G-clef brooche in gold                                   Tenorhorn brooche in gold



A tiebar goes crosswise  over the tie and has the model mounted with a little angle, which gives it a nice appearance.  A very strong feather mechanism on the backside keeps the tiebar into place.

 Altsaxophone tiebar in silver                              Tenorhorn tiebar in silver



Most models can be delivered as earrings. Please be aware of that the biggest models may not be suitable as earrings, due to size and weight. That is the reason why we have not made them available in our netshop, but they can still be ordered. Please contact our Service Center.

    Trompet earrings in silver                              16th notes earrings in silver



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