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We portray in the following some of the typical questions we have received from our customers during 25 years. and do hope this will help you to choose right model from the Musette Collection.

Q: What is the difernce between a brooche and a pin, and why do you have both?
A:  A brooche is actually a safety pin with double lock, and is simply the safest way to avoid loosing a model. However, models smaller then 20 mm have not enough available space for a brooche, and are therefore delivered as pins.

Q: What is actually a tie bar and how does it function?
A: A tiebar is a bridge or a pinch which crosses the tie. On the backside it has a very strong spring mechanisme, which keeps the tiebar stable. The tiebar is either in plain silver or gold, and, due to the ralative high weight in precious metals, it raises the price of this version, especially in gold, significantly.

Q: Am I "obliged" to buy Musette as a brooche for gents and pendants for ladies?
A: Not at all. Maybe it has been like this, but that`s in case long time ago, Gents and ladies use pendants equally, though ladies prefer pendant more then brooche.

Q.: Why are the models that big in size?
A: In order to reproduce all details like in the original "big" instruments, we must have a certain size of the miniatures. If not, you would simply not be able to see details like pipes, ventils etcc. Please note, however, that there are certain models available in a special small edition.

Q: Can we use the tuba as earrings?
A: Yes, if you want longer ears... As you see in our netshop, we have not made the biggest models (like tubas, sousaphones etc) available as earrings, due to the fact that they are rather heavy and big models. But if you insist, we will make them for you as earrings. Contact our Service Center...

Q.: Why is for instance earrings of one very model presented several places?
A: It is not the same model. All basic models such as clarinet, trumpet, trombone etc) are normally available in 4 versions. For instance, our "main" G-clef is available as pendant, brooche, tiebar, and earrings. But the G-clef which you find only as earrings, is another model (and has a Zirkonia mounted as well). This is the case for other models as well, - they are just smaller and different models.

Q: For some years you offered Musette also in goldplated silver. Whys do you not deliver this version any longer?
A: Goldplated precious metal, such as when silver is used, is only a thin layer of gold. Wear and tear reduces this layer significantly, which gives the model a rather outweared look. Of course, this "antique" look is atractive for some, and we realize that could also make a model feel more personal. So, for those of you who like this version, contact our service center if you want to order goldplated silver...

Q; Who actually buys Musette?
A: Except for being regulated as reward for numerous bands, school-, symphonie-, windorchestras and other ensembles, The Musette Music Jewelry is the Musicians Gift No 1.

Q: Why do the Venezian chains you offer have a thread thickness of 1,3 mm instead of the more usual 1,0 mm thickness typically found in jewelry stores?
A: Becuase most models in the Musette Music Jewelry Collection has a weight which make use of a stronger chain necessary

Q: How do I select a correct length of chain?
A: Basically we recommend 42 cm length for girls / ladies and 45 cm for boys / gents. However, if you purchase a trombone or a bariton, we, at least after our taste, find that used longer down on the chest, is nicer. Opposite with a, let`s say, a G-clef.





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