Buyers guide

Purchasing and delivery

You may use VISA or MASTERCARD when purchasing in our netshop. Normal delivery time is 3 – 7 working days. All orders are shipped as registered mail.  Expect some delivery time for models in Gold 585/000 or some models in Silver 925 S, like Tie bars or Earrings. This latter is due to the additional  handwork required to transform the basic model into different versions, such as tie bar or  earrings. If you want to place a rush order, we recommend you to send us a mail and ask for delivery time. You may also call our Musette service center T. +47 56333023 All prices in USD or Euro has been withdrawn of TVA, as this site is for foreign customers only (outside Norway). Prices may change without foregoing notice. All Musette models in Silver 925 S or Gold 525/000 are delivered in a Musette original gift box. 

Money back guarantee

If you of one or another reason should not be satisfied with your Musette model, we give a 100% money back guarantee, when you return goods within 10 days after receipt. To obtain the money back guarantee returned goods have to be undamaged. Note: We do not accept return of the “Musette-Statuett” or individually designed emblems, pins or medals, except of items with production defects.


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